Sunday, December 4, 2011

London & Edinburgh for the Holidays!


By Rose

Here we are, in exciting old 1880's London town! Our train from Dover having arrived on schedule, and our afternoon tea soon to be served in the drawing room of the London Chapter of the International Hangar Club, we unpack, laying out our wardrobes as we go......

Our Winter Attire

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The beauty of time travel is, it allows one choices as to the where and when together. So, while we are dining in this evening, our minds will be filled with delightful ideas as to our next shared adventure. This will lead us back through time to the previous decade (to 1875, to be precise), where we hope to be able to spend an enchanted evening enjoying the musical delights of Gilbert & Sullivan's first run of their light comic opera, Trial by Jury

On our arrival, it was already drizzling, and had been for about half an hour, according to our private club's porter, but now it is looking more and more like fresh snow is on its way! 

Our view, on arrival, was a wet one.....

St. Paul's from Ludgate

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Some of us are already beginning to restyle their evening attire, as we mustn't appear too outlandish for this stellar performance at the Royalty Theatre, where the famed dramatic duo, Gilbert & Sullivan have all of London agog. Here is a scene from their first production--

Trial by Jury

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The audience is packed, full of all sorts of people from every walk of Victorian life. It is quite an eyeful!

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All of London seems awash with excitement as we head homeward for a late night supper at the club, followed by a good night's rest in our lush separate suites.........

To Be Continued 

Images used (prior to our fiddling)
courtesy and Wikimedia Commons


Sim said...

Hello Rose, well, I think I've done what was necessary :)
Let's go together!

Steam Tea Travels said...

Sim: Hello! I'm so glad you decided to join us for this new outing! Please be certain you've linked to the actual post you wish people to view. Otherwise, there is confusion.
Thank You again!

Ira said...

Wow Rose, such fantastic images! Thank you so much. Loved to travel with you, it was so much fun! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I so appreciate this! Take care, Ira x

Rhissanna said...

oooh! The audience! Wherever did you find that one, Miss Possum, dear? It's gorgeous!

Steam Tea Travels said...

Ira: Thanks for your support of our new little venture!
And it's always so nice to find your smiling face in comments, anyway.
Thanks for going with us!

Steam Tea Travels said...

Rhissanna: I can't recall offhand, but know it was copyright free and in need of a little cleanup. It was actually nice enough to enlarge a wee, so that was cheering!
See you later, Rabbit dear!

maj. said...

Oh! How nice to continue this journey!!!!I hope that I can attach to the work :)))

Steam Tea Travels said...

maj.: Hello again! So nice to see you here! We hope you'll continue to visit throughout the holiday season,a s we intend to post for this Linky Party several more times before we're done!

Steam Tea Travels said...

Sim: So sorry! It is no bug, but a flaw in the programming of the link tool we had used.
We now have a new and different tool for links ready for your use. And we hope you'll come back around to try it once again!
Again, our apologies!

Sim said...

No problem Rose!
Don't worry!
I've done it.
So, I'll come back to see everybody.

Steam Tea Travels said...

Sim: Thank You for trying so hard!
We are still not certain what happened, but it did not work. Now that all's well, we will be by to fix our error!
So sorry!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful ,wonderful, Rose! I am having a lovely time and gathering my things to link. These images are just fabulous!

Sim said...

Hello dear Rose & Rhissanna!

I'd like to let you know where to found a paper cut printable Zeppelin toooooo beautiful:

Kisskisses ;)

Steam Tea Travels said...

Mina: We're so pleased you'll be able to find time for this month's journey! Can't wait to see those new links of yours!

Steam Tea Travels said...

Sim: Thank You so much for the idea! We'll be sure to look into it right away!

Ann said...

catching up on the travels!! fabulous images!! thank you so much!!!
i was so glad to find some time to visit!!

Steam Tea Travels said...

Yay! Ann's here!
Keep coming around--we're sure to publish more shortly.