Thursday, May 3, 2012

Announcing Our Next Journey!

Fasten on your goggles, and strap on your pith helmets, because we are headed for Cairo, Egypt in the year 1900!
We intend to have our Link Party up and rolling for you by noon MST (USA) on Sunday, May 6th--that's  this weekend!
So get those theme-related links ready. We'll be there the entire month of May, with 4 new chapters for you to read, including lots of fun ephemera and links for you.
There's to be music and dancing and good food as well.
So, when you're asking yourself what to include  here in that Link Party, you may want to shift gears a little bit and think recipes and craft projects, costume tips, and cultural studies. Think old time travel, and camels, pyramids, ruined temples, a trip up the Nile, teatime (always teatime here at STT!) and so on.
We can hardly wait to see what our guests here will add to the mix this trip!
See you starting this Sunday with your--
Happy Travel Creativity!
Rose & Rhissanna


cat lacigale said...

it sounds great !

Steam Tea Travels said...

cat: Hope you'll be able to join us with a link or links of your own, as this will be a fun link party, very exotic!

Sim said...

I'll join you tomorrow!

Steam Tea Travels said...

Sim: We'll see you here soon, then!