Saturday, November 5, 2011

To Paris by Airship! {{Set to Run 11/6 till Sunday night 11/13}}

Imagine yourself in a very plush seat, all tufted, old fashioned, perhaps velvet.
It is noontime, with a bright, clear sky for smooth sailing. You are wearing a charming suit  of the best materials, including high button shoes, with just the right hat for the occasion.
Then imagine you are with us in your seat aboard a luxury Airship, docked and ready for service.
Welcome aboard the HMAS Viola!
{That's Her Majesty's Air Ship Viola in layman's terms}

What we are proposing is to head for Paris this very afternoon, taking tea in a graceful manner along the way, all the while discussing things artistically geared around Steampunk style.
In the process, you are welcomed by our captain to enjoy ship's courtesy, such as hooking up via Link (just below our header) with us here, so that others might enjoy your own take on this popular genre.
Also included are new ideas for taking tea with friends or family, which was often done in high style in many Victorian homes during mid to late afternoon hours. We hope to show you a few new ways of enjoying mealtime of a Sunday afternoon, with your best china or with a coffee mug in your bathrobe and slippers.
For you, this will all be imaginary, with no calories required, and everything genteel and yet steampunked for your viewing pleasure.
Once docking occurs at the upper reaches of the Eiffel tower, you will find all of Paris at your feet. At that point, some of us may wish to head for the Louvre, for a look at Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, and perhaps to Maxim's for a light supper before heading out to see the sights of this most artistic city in its heyday.

Are you ready?
Then let us set those Time Travel Dials for early 1900's Paris.............

As we float along in our luxury airship over the landscape, we'll have a most fascinating view by way of London, England, of the Thames Estuary, followed by aerial views of the White Cliffs at Dover. We'll then fly over the English Channel, turning south over Calais toward the famed City of Lights!
For your listening enjoyment, let there be music in our dining room, this first tune an early form of Tango, played by a Gypsy Orchestra........

Our Hostess will seat you shortly among those guests already assembled. As you see listed here, there are already some who are ready for their first sampling from our delightful tray of delicacies.
The many lovely ladies, all decked out in their finery, make for quite a spectacular sight, such as our impromptu "tour" of one very fashionable traveler's highly detailed creations shows quite plainly.......

Let's have a bit more music while considering our choices for dining, shall we?

And here's our Menu........

Download 300dpi Version HERE

Another Fashion Tip for our guests..........

Such a lot of work!

Now for a Special Feature for our guests, a new contraption which allows us to see pictures move and hear speech and music at the same time--all concocted by our resident inventive science advisor, Dr. Algernon Crupper. A little light phantasie for your viewing enjoyment.....

And a second short phantasie about the year 1884.....

As we slowly enjoy what we've ordered, we'll have another musical interlude to grace our ears........

And, of course, there is dessert. Without it, no true afternoon tea would be complete.
I'll have a slice of the lemon cake, myself, while others might go for the trifle.

As our journey continues, and dishes are cleared away by your waiter, sit back, relax, and enjoy the astonishing view, for we have already crossed the Channel, and are very near to our destination.
When you disembark, please hold the railing very firmly while descending, as it's a long way down!

Our Docking Station in Paris 
300dpi Version HERE

With another Airship tethered.

Some souvenirs for you.....

Download Digi PNG Version HERE

Download For Print Version HERE

For those of us ready for our excursion tour, there is a cadre of automobiles waiting to ferry us from point to point, which will end at Maxim's for a leisurely dining experience with the best cuisine, fine wine and good company.


Download 300dpi Version HERE

From there, you might wish to turn in, all your appetites for sightseeing fulfilled. We have provided for this, of course, with well appointed, reserved suites at a private British aviator's club in the heart of Paris called The Hangar.
But, there are those who may well have formed another opinion, which might include time off for good behavior. This crew should watch where they step, for the perils of Parisian nightlife during its most glittering era are widely documented.
Regardless, there is the wild night life in Montmartre, where one is encouraged to spend for all manner of activities.
Our choice for these brave souls might well be an evening with the riffraff and free-thinking artists there as they take in the very bawdy entertainment at the Moulin Rouge!

On our next jaunt,
we will head for yet another exotic locale
using perhaps other modes of transport,
and enjoy our Steampunked travel time with tea once more.

See you next time, then, for another in a series of special Link-up
Steam Tea Travels!

Au revoir!

Our Next Scheduled Departure: Noon EST on Sunday, Dec. 4
Featuring Holiday Travel with Steam Style!
More details later.

Digital brushes by nadine pauObsidian DawnScully7491.

Images used (prior to our fiddling)
courtesy and Wikimedia Commons